Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Clutch Time Predictions

Looks like three crucial games up tonight---

Two Game 7s and one ever-so-important Game 6.

The Flyers looked like they were going to choke the season away, but I guess they found a way to pull back. They've got a ridiculous core group of forwards with Giroux, Carter, Richards, Briere and Hartnell, which to me, is about as ideal a combination of talent and grit you can find in the league. With the momentum swinging in their favor, I think Philly takes this one, unless Ryan Miller pulls off a miracle shutout/one-goal game.

What can be said about Chicago-Vancouver? Luongo has always been a playoff choker in my books, and how fitting is it that Chicago is the one to remind him once again of his post-season ghosts? Vancouver's going to start him, despite going away from him in Game 6. That doesn't look too good. Despite the ridiculous star power Vancouver boasts with the Sedin brothers and Kesler, I'm gonna have to go with the Blackhawks in this one. Over the last month, Sharp/Kane/Toews have looked and performed like the best line in the NHL, and I think that will finally carry over to a Hawks series win. Doesn't hurt to have a game-changer like Hossa lurking around either.

As for Boston-Montreal...the head says Boston, what with Montreal performing an almost comic collapse. Heart says Montreal though. Hopefully the Price is right.

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