Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Speaker of the House John Boehner Criticized For Being "Anti-Life."

In an interesting turn of events, professors from several Catholic universities have sent a letter to the Republican Speaker alleging that his policies go against the heart of Catholic morals.

As the article says, "more than 75 professors at Catholic University and other prominent Catholic colleges have written a pointed letter to Mr. Boehner saying that the Republican-supported budget he shepherded through the House of Representatives will hurt the poor, elderly and vulnerable."

They claim that the deficit reduction methods the Republicans will employ to balance the books are "anti-life"---and in that, they are quite right. Slashing money from low-income nutrition programs, and maternal health, instead of useless F-35s or reversing tax cuts, is about as "anti-life" as you can get short of directly imploring women to get abortions.

Modern Catholicism, and the fundamental principles Jesus gave us, demand that we not only seek to preserve life, but that we also seek to make these preserved lives better. What point is there in preventing abortions, if the child and mother have miserable lives?

Oscar Romero, former bishop of El Salvador, was assassinated for being a proponent of liberation theology, and advocating for the poor and human rights. The sign reads as follows: "If I die, I will be reborn among my people."

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